I used Adobe InDesign to create an infographic meant to entice people to travel to Las Vegas. The purpose of this brochure is to educate people more on traveling to Las Vegas. It is also meant to be a promotional tool for the city’s tourism industry.

Using Adobe InDesign, I began by creating a three-fold brochure template with two printable sides. I wanted to create a clean simple design but also one that showed the excitement and characteristics of the city. I included some nightlife activities for adults in the brochure as well as some family friendly attractions. I also provided the top options for hotels in Las Vegas within the middle section. The two outer panels on the inside of the brochure show activities and the middle panel on the inside shows hotel options.

The images I provided throughout the brochure show beautiful sights of the city. These include both the luxurious hotels and pools along with night clubs and casinos. The outside of the brochure on the back says “don’t be afraid to take a chance” with red dice since the city is known for its gambling and casinos.

I choose to do a brochure on Las Vegas because I have traveled there before to celebrate my 21st birthday. I was able to use my own knowledge of traveling to the city in the design of this brochure.

Skill: Adobe InDesign Class: Style & Design Date: Spring 2017