My Logo

When I started designing my logo, I started with a basic clean circle using Adobe Photoshop. Of all the shapes, I like the fluidity and completeness of a circle. I then chose a deep purple shade. Purple has always been my favorite color. I like what purple signifies in regards to royalty and the calming properties it possesses. Whenever I write my initials, I sign it a certain way. That is why I looked for a font that looked similar to the way I sign my initials. I added my initials in white in Adine Kirnberg font to the purple circle. I wanted to create a logo that creatively represented me but also kept a clean basic design. I then saved the photo without a background so I could easily add it to places on my website.

Purple has always been my favorite color so choosing a color that represented me best was easy. This color is also used as an accent in my magazine to create a central thread throughout my portfolio. The design actually turned out exactly how I wanted it to. The font I used is the closest I could find to the way I sign my initials. The design is classic and is a perfect representation of me.

Skill: Adobe Photoshop Class: Style & Design Date: Spring 2017