I created this 16-page magazine using Adobe InDesign to showcase the collection of articles I was required to write for Auburn Family and Extension Daily.

I named my magazine Thrive because I try to focus on the good in life to keep me going and living each day to the fullest. I think that the word thrive is word that encompasses that message.

When designing my magazine, I also kept this in mind when choosing a font, color scheme, and cover photos. I chose images in nature that were full of color and light to represent the idea and word thrive. I set the back cover as a sunset to represent the ending of the magazine just as the sunset symbolizes the end of the day. The font I chose a happy cursive font to go along with the overall mood of the magazine. Then I set the background of each story to a purple color to add to the color and life of the overall magazine.

The following stories can be found in this magazine:

Get Involved at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center

Easy Fruits for Home Gardening

From Nigeria to Auburn University, Football’s Prince Tega Wanogho Jr. on Coming to Auburn

A Look into Auburn’s Mock Trial Team

A Vegan Diet: Is it Good or Bad for you?

Skill: Adobe InDesign Class: Style & Design Date: Spring 2017