PR Writing

PR Writing

These samples of writing are from my Public Relations Writing course at Auburn University with Dr. Sisson. We were allowed to create our own client and were required to do PR writing throughout the semester for our client. The client I created was Achievement Athletics Club which was a fitness club.

The first piece of writing is my news release. This release is on Achievement Athletics Club starting a New Year’s Resolution Run.

The second piece is the feature release. This release focuses on Achievement Athletic Club’s CEO David Strong and his plans to make the company international. This focuses on both the CEO and his character and the company’s expansion to Canada.

The next piece of writing is a media advisory. This is on the specifics of Achievement Athletics introducing its first fitness workshop.

The following piece of writing is a memo. This memo is about an updated photography and video policy at Achievement Athletics Club.

The last piece of writing I wrote for Achievement Athletics Club was a media pitch to a journalist to invite them to cover the New Year’s Resolution Run

Skill: PR Writing Class: Multimedia PR Writing Date: Fall 2016