PicMonkey Tutorial


My Tutorial

This tutorial was recorded on editing a picture on the website picmonkey.com. I have been using this site since I was in middle school and have found its features extremely helpful. The website is user-friendly as well and is easy to learn to navigate through. I decided to do a tutorial on this site so others can know about it and take advantage of its benefits. There are many free benefits to users and also premium features you can purchase.

First you choose the picture you want to edit from your computer or another source.

There is a tab for basic edits. Basic edits include features such as the crop tool, exposure adjustments, temperature, colors and sharpness. There is also a touch up section to remove blemishes or whiten teeth.

Then there is a section for effects and this includes effects such as boost or other filters. My favorite filter to use in this section is boost because it adds to the color saturation.

Next I show the text and overlay section. The text section lets you add text to your photo and gives you different font options. The overlay section allows you to add stickers and other content to your picture.

There is also a frame and texture section. The frame allows you to pick what type of frame to add around the edge of the photo. The texture section puts a certain image overlay over the photo.

After that I present the themes tab which give you a variety of options of features to add to a photo based off of a certain theme.

Last I show how to save a photo in the site picmonkey and how to choose what quality of image to save.

Skill: QuickTime Player Class: Style & Design Date: Spring 2017